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AIX Open Source Packages


On this website you find AIXTM Open Source packages which I have compiled, tested (as much as I can) and packaged on AIX5L V5.1 or higher. They are intended to replace 100%-compatible the IBMTM AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications. These packages are provided as-is, meaning I support them as much as I can (bug reports and fixes are always very much welcome) -- please also check the Legal Disclaimer.

If you have questions you can contact me (Michael Perzl) at (though sometimes my reply might take a while).

Unless there is a specific RPM for a higher AIX version than V5.1 available you are always safe to use the AIX5L V5.1 version. AIX has excellent binary compatibility and therefore I intentionally use a rather early level of AIX5L V5.1 to build my packages. They should all run on later AIX versions with no problems. Exceptions to this rule are some very OS-version specific RPMs, e.g., GCC.

Please note:

  • These web pages are a private initiative of mine and are in no way endorsed nor supported by IBM!
  • While the web pages are hosted here at the actual downloads (binary and source RPMs) will take place from my other web site due to space constraints of the web server.

Important news:

If you update to the latest version of openssl then you might run into similar problems like this one below:

 root@aix51> wget
 Could not load program wget:
 Symbol resolution failed for wget because:
         Symbol SSLv2_client_method (number 171) is not exported from dependent
           module /opt/freeware/lib/
 Examine .loader section symbols with the 'dump -Tv' command.

The reason for that is that with this latest version of OpenSSL SSLv2 default builds have been disabled.

I am checking which RPMs are affected by this and will recompile them against the latest version of OpenSSL V1.0.1s accordingly.

I want the stuff, where do I get it?

Here are direct links to all

  • RPM files sorted by directories
  • SRPM files sorted by directories
  • Bundle files for all AIX versions, please check out the FAQs to read how to use them avoid the RPM dependency hell problem.
  • SPEC files
  • patch files
  • RPM files (every single binary RPM file on!)
  • SRPM files (every single source RPM file on!)

Here are direct links to the latest binary RPMs for the following AIX versions:

Here are direct links to the latest and fully compatible binary RPMs for the following AIX versions. The difference to the latest versions listed above is that the filesets bzip2, popt and zlib are replaced with the versions from the original AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications. Using these lists one should not run into problems after an AIX update with a service pack or technology level:

Download methods:

  • FTP: i.e., (or if the latter does not work for you)
  • HTTP: i.e., (or if the latter does not work for you)
  • RSYNC: i.e., rsync://
    • The download is done with the 'public' user with password 'public'
    • List the available repositories:
      • rsync -aPv rsync://
    • List the available directories of the 'public' repository:
      • rsync rsync://
    • To recursively 'rsync' the 'RPMS'' directory to your current directory:
      • rsync -aPv rsync:// .

I want to compile it myself, where do I find instructions how to do it?

Please look at the instructions here if you

  • want to know where the source code and AIX patches can be found.
  • want to know how I build the RPM packages.

Compatibility with the original AIX Toolbox for Linux Applications

Please check out the FAQs if you encounter any problems.

A solution to the RPM dependency hell problem

Please check out the FAQs to read my solution to the RPM dependency hell problem for AIX.

Available AIX Open Source packages on this web site:

As the list of available packages became to long I have moved it to a separate page in order to speed up downloading of the homepage. Here is the list of available AIX Open Source packages.

Software in the works

Currently in the works, hopefully soon to come (listed alphabetically, not necessarily coming in that order):

Other AIX Open Source websites/repositories:

Some other websites/repositories with AIX Open Source software which might be useful can be found at:

IBM and AIX are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States or other countries or both.

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